Memorable Teaching: Leveraging memory to build deep and durable learning in the classroom

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This book is for any educator who’s interested in understanding how learning works, and how to optimise their teaching to make it happen.

From the author of Lean Lesson Planning, this latest instalment in the High Impact Teaching series pulls together the best available evidence from cognitive science and educational research, and stitches them together into a concise and coherent set of actionable principles that can be used to improve your impact in the classroom.

It’s an evidence-informed teacher’s guide to building enduring understanding, and sits alongside books such as Make It Stick, Why Don’t Students Like School?, and What Every Teacher Needs To Know About Psychology.

“If you have a spare half-hour or so, you could read Memorable Teaching from cover to cover. I doubt you’ll find an education book with more useful insights per minute of reading time.”

Dylan Wiliam

Lean Lesson Planning: A practical approach to doing less and achieving more in the classroom

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This book is for any teacher who’s interested in improving their lesson planning and practice. It outlines a set of mindsets and habits you can use to help you identify the most impactful parts of your teaching, and put them centre stage. It’s about doing less to achieve more.

But it’s also about being happier and more confident in the classroom. Building stronger routines around the essentials will give you more time and space to appreciate and think creatively about your work.

“How to improve your teaching by planning better. Things that make teachers’ lives simpler like this are few and far between.”

Doug Lemov

Motivated Teaching: Leveraging the science of motivation to boost attention and effort in the classroom

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Coming September 2020, this book is for any teacher who is interested in understanding how motivation for learning works.

It pulls together the best available evidence and thinking — from behavioural economics, evolutionary psychology and human experience design — into a coherent set of actionable principles that can be used to drive improvement in the classroom.

It’s about getting the most from, and giving the most to your pupils.

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